Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Opera Mobile 5 on Blackberry

So there's a new browse for the Blackberry. Because my Macbook is currently out of battery, I am typing this on my Blackberry Bold using Opera 5 beta. It is pretty slick, fast enough and looks very nice. It also doesn't stumble on Javascript. However, it is clearly beta, as there are UI issues that aren't sorted out such as I recently had, a hung browser at the speed dial page until I, of the push random buttons mentality, hit upon hitting the enter button, upon which it loaded in a hurry. Far more sinister, however is the tendency for the backspace key to go into rapid repeat whether or not it is held down. Before you press backspace, you need to be ready to press the next key immediately to avoid the problem. It also does not do the appropriate space bar short cut in a URL such as the @ sign or the periods. Blackberry users know what I'm talking about. You also can't insert an enter character, as that closes the edit box, so this will be a single big paragraph.

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