Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Good Day

I finally found that song that has been under my skin for so long, 'Tu No Eres Para Mi', by Fanny Lu.  It is a fascinating song.  One of those breakup songs where the guy is a standard mark one jerk, the kind that always got way more action than I, not that I was all that concerned he was running up the score.  I think it is one of those few works of art where the whole thing kind of hangs together.  The artist truly believes in the song, the backup dancers are simply having a ball, jumping around in what appears genuine joy to a very simple choreography that seems to match the music perfectly.

Such a genuine piece of art, nearly perfect in every way, cannot possibly make it into mainstream, attached as it is to genuine silliness, with a sort of bubbling brook melody underlining a smackdown delivered to some guy.  The words to the song have a percussive pattern that acts as a sort of drum line on top of divine accordion.  There's also something about hot older women trying to sing songs as if still twenty-something or younger, a la 'Hollaback Girl', another song that captured a sort of a moment.

In the vast sea of bubblegum pop, tortured rockers and gratuitous over done music, occasionally we find a song and video that seem to address the essential ego of our existence, affirming the positive freedom we all want.  Or maybe I just liked it.

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